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Intro to True Wealth Ventures

True Wealth Ventures is a venture capital fund designed to invest in women-led companies with products and technologies in the consumer health and sustainable consumer sectors that more efficiently address the next generation of challenges.

The Root of the STEM Problem

True Wealth Ventures investigates the root of the STEM problem. That is, where does the disconnect happen for girls pursuing STEM education that ultimately leads to a "pre-pipeline" problem for women in STEM careers. Tricia Berry, of UT Austin's Women in Engineering Program (WEP), provides insight into the issue! Check it out!

NY Times Commentary Blog: Women Inventors Changing Women’s Health Technology

Check out True Wealth Venture's Commentary Blog on NY Times Article, "Tampon of the Future." We believe women know women's health best, and therefor can design better products based on this. Women inventors and investors have the power to change women's health technology!